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I am back…

I can’t even look to see the date of my last post as this delay is longer than I would like to admit. I am not even sure where to start with my posts but I will start with a few big updates…

1) The good news is- the house is complete and we moved in at the end of April!
2) Life! My lack of posting was due to a combination of- building the house, work, decorating the house – oh and being 8-9 months pregnant! On top of that our wonderful little girl decided to come a few weeks early – she was just so excited to see the new house and surprised on Mother’s Day with her arrival.
3) We LOVE our Home. We couldn’t be happier. Of course our house to do list is never-ending but I Love it. I definitely have a little OCD in getting the house decorated but I am also making sure that we live in it to make sure everything we buy and invest in makes sense for our home.

So, now that I am settled (sort of) I hope to spend the next few days catching you all up on what happened since the last post and then dive into my decorating obsessions which I have been spending way to much time on (but it is so fun).

To start, I would like to share one of my favorite pictures of our HOME- it seems simple but a the door to your home is a key focal point. You want people to feel welcome when they come to your door. I tried to accomplish that by painting the door a shade of my favorite color (blue). This Benjamin Moore Color is called New York State of Mind- once I knew the name I was sold. I love New York, and always will, so this is a little connection point for where I grew up. Plus, the color looks great with the siding.

Looking forward to sharing more with you over the next few days-
xo Kris