Is it done yet?

Pretty sure my husband said “is it done yet” 10x in the past few years as I added, tweaked and worked to make our living room complete! What I learned during the process…live in your house before you make it your home.  Don’t rush it.  Buy pieces (furniture and accessories) that will make it feel like a home.

The mistake I made with our living room was rushing to buy a couch before the living room was finished during the build process.  It’s not that the couch doesn’t work or that I don’t like the color/ fabric but we didn’t have a chance to “live” in the space to figure out the best way to lay out the room.  So, I have worked around the couch and made it all work together to be part of our home.  I am sitting on that very couch tonight writing this post.  Looking around the room tonight it makes me happy (design happy).  It’s a room we spend most of our time in as a family so I made sure it is comfortable but also brought in the various elements of color and design that I love.

As I work through my posts I will share my rooms that are complete and some that are still a work-in-progress (yes, even 3-years after moving in).  People say that there is always something to do with a house once you are a home owner.  Is it bad that I love the never-ending projects?  I do.  Home projects make me happy and keep me up a night brainstorming new ideas.

I can’t wait to share all of my ideas and projects with you on btb Style and Design and I hope to inspire all of the little or big projects you are taking on.

Living Room Details


This bamboo chair for Ballard is the best
Great table from Rue La La- lightweight and easy to move around
Ceiling fan = must for all living rooms
These lamps are EVERYTHING!
I probably re-style these shelves 1x a month
I will always show you what it looks like in “real life” – so lots of pictures of my family!
Close-up…trays make everything look better
The couch – love the deep navy color
Representing my home town- Long Island and my new home- South Shore!
One of my favorite items in our Living Room- a tide clock (we use it every beach day in the summer!)

2 thoughts on “Is it done yet?”

  1. Kristin! I’m so happy to see this post! As usual your taste is impeccable…love the colors and all of your selections. As a year-old homeowner (as of this month), I love getting inspiration from the more experienced folks out there. Congratulations on this great milestone, and looking forward to reading more. ❤ Bev

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