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Lighting and hardware prep

Wait till you see the most recent pictures of the house (promise they will come this week). In the meantime this morning had been all about prep – we are dropping off the lighting fixtures and cabinet hardware today. Installation will take place this week and next! The boxes are endless- thankfully my in-laws have allowed us to ship and store all of the boxes at their house until now! Can’t wait to see everything installed soon-



3 thoughts on “Lighting and hardware prep”

  1. Oh please, please update! I randomly stumbled upon your blog and I literally read the entire thing in one day! It has been so helpful and interesting! I’m hoping to buy or build within the next two years and have been slowly hoarding ideas 🙂 thank you!!

    1. Thanks Lauren- you are right, I need to update. Expect several updates on the next few days. Keep me posted on your buy/ build- happy to provide any info or advice.
      Good luck!

  2. Hi there! I just ordered the large Mia faceted pendant from PB for my dining room and can’t wait to install it! I was searching online for people who had installed one to see if it was complicated and came across your fun blog. It came in so many pieces, it’s a bit overwhelming. Any tips or did you have a professional install? Thanks so much!

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